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The Ultimate House Build for charity 10.09.2009
The Costa Rican chiwawa killer... 28.08.2009
Frogs and crocs not of the shoe kind... 28.08.2009
A local place for local people... 28.08.2009
Diet Coke Break! (sort of) 26.08.2009
The first video on site... 19.08.2009
The house that Becky (and others) built... 19.08.2009
Costa Rica Rain! 17.08.2009
Living the HIGH life... 13.08.2009
The day I became a diver… 13.08.2009
Sickening Jamaican Couples 01.08.2009
The little house that Becky built 30.07.2009
Back in the world of blogging... 29.07.2009
Leaving, on several jetplanes... 29.07.2009
Clubbing in Dunedin 29.07.2009
How to climb a mountain in flip flops 29.07.2009
The "sights" of Bondi 29.07.2009
Indiana Dad 29.07.2009