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Leaving, on several jetplanes...

but the shipper's are a shitting rip off!

The shippers came this morning - bloody expensive to cart a matter of 5 or 6 cardboard boxes across the sea, jaaaysus! 3000 dirhams! That's probably more than the total cost of all the Primark clothes they actually took away with them. (sigh) Anyway, no point in moaning,... they came to take the clothes because the man and I are off on an adventure - waheey! For those I haven't bored with the details yet, to put it simply, we're going from Dubai to Jamaica, to Cuba (hopefully, not booked that part yet), to Costa Rica, to Vegas, to San Fran, to LA.... and then I'm heading onto New Orleans and New York before coming back. YAY!!

It took a while to get it all finalised, but it's sorted now. We knows who's going where and for how long - we even know flight seat numbers. Well... the man does. A seat is a seat to me. As long as it reclines fully horizontal with a 20 inch screen and selection of chick flicks to keep me going as I laugh too loudly thanks to a constant supply of champagne, then I'll be mildly content with traveling 15 hours solid from the middle of the world to... the left of it. Oh fuck off, Dubai has NOT spoilt me.

It's my last day at work tomorrow. Some might say quitting in the midst of a global recession was a bit of a stupid idea but... well,... yeah it was, probably, but if I'm brutally honest, I'm sort of past caring. Life's too short. And we're going to give something back to the world instead of all this "take take take" that I feel Dubai has been instilling in my innocent world. Evil! As of tomorrow, I am officially "freelance". Just another word for "unemployed" really, but sounds better. Don't forget to give me all your writing assignments so I can continue dodging the poverty line as my champers glass is re-filled and I tune into Twilight for the 90th time...

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Back in the world of blogging...

Sub head? Since when do posts have subheads?

48 °C

Ahem. I have been away. And now, I am back. I've had a few blogs in the past but the last one, my most treasured Princess Bex endeavor died a miserable death along with my rights to freedom of speech, when I moved to Dubai. I took up writing facebook notes but apparently times have changed so much, that now I can write here and upload to facebook at THE SAME TIME. Amazing.

Now, I have to remember how to blog. How to put pictures in it, and even more excitingly, videos. Whoop!! The joys of modern day living. OH ME OH MY. Of course, the real reason for this swift re-introduction to the world of blogging is that I'm leaving Dubai for a couple of months with my man, to see a little bit of the world and in case all those glossy pretentious mags don't want to publish my stories, I'm going to make sure the ENTIRE WORLD WIDE WEB gets to see them instead.

Now,... I'm going to attempt to create of those map things to display our journey. Wish me luck.

P.S. I've just realised my Princessbex blog has been chopped by a higher power. There goes almost three years of senseless ramblings. Time to start again?

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