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Costa Rica Rain!

Yes,... it's still raining....

rain 25 °C
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Here we are in Costa Rica baby!! And it’s PISSING IT DOWN. We knew it would be wet as it’s the “green season”, which I suppose keeps this country looking like the emerald city you see in sweeping tv documentaries, shot to the sound of birds squawking and monkeys grunting,… but we didn’t reeeeally expect to be crammed into a youth hostel with nowhere to go but two supermarkets and a Chinese restaurant (which is actually pretty good). Still, we have met some really great people so far and it’s surprisingly good fun getting back to my uni days, swigging beer and watching 90210 with a group of students and waiting for the rain to stop. We’re off out to a casino later,… following a meal of rice and beans which allegedly is something we’re gonna have to get used to (urrgh). We’ve already located Taco Bell and McDonalds. Sad, but essential. Tomorrow morning we’re leaving this small town Alajuela for San Ramon, the base of our house building project – yay!

Most of the other volunteers are younger – we’re talking 18/19/20. Gap years, uni breaks, rich kids with loaded parents, they’re all out here working on the various projects. Another group are going to do a sea turtle conservation project but there’s a slight controversy around it so far, as one group just returned with tales of how they only “worked” a couple of hours a day and only saw one turtle. They come out at night and are extremely shy. So the group just basically sat about on a beach in Mataea Palo for 2 weeks, smoking pot and getting pissed all day. Sounds fun… if you’re 20. Imagine paying 500 quid at age 29, generally aiming to improve the life of endangered sea turtles and being stuck with a group of delinquents who remind you how you used to act yourself, but now just consequently make you feel old as they grind their stick thin figures to pop and bottles of Smirnoff Ice? Hmmmm, quite glad we didn’t pick that project to be honest, though clearly I would have LOVED it back in the Lincoln days. Kind of wish I knew about it when I was 18, but it feels like so long ago now that I don’t think the turtles were actually endangered back then… hmmm…

Anyway, like I said tonight we’re going to a casino, whoop! Getting some practice in for Vegas. And tomorrow I can’t wait to meet the host family – we’ve seen photos of their house and it looks pretty good, even the microwave. Luckily it’s located a block from another supermarket so if they insist on those rice and beans three times a day (we’ve been promised as much) at least we can sneak it to the dog and nip off for some Pringles. Bring on the building!

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